THE Olive Press has been ‘pivotal’ in the release of six podenco dogs trapped in an abandoned house on the Costa Blanca.

Grace Boas last month claimed the hounds had been locked up for ‘eight years’ among their own ‘excrement and worms’.

The 77-year-owner reportedly used them for hunting and fed them ‘infrequently’.

LOCKED UP: The dogs have only stale bread to eat and are surrounded by excrement

Despite four denuncias and two instancias, nothing was done to save them as the owner’s daughter was allegedly ‘a friend’ of former Teulada-Moraira mayor Carlos Linares.

“It’s wonderful, because you really wrote the truth,” Boas told the Olive Press.

“In our fight we really need that courage.”

BARKING MAD: The dogs’s barking distressed local who worked their pets past the house

Boas said Teulada’s new councillor for public services, Hector Morales, is ‘now completely on the side’ of animal rights activists.

“The daughter complained to Hector the English press was naming and shaming her, but he said ‘the times for keeping dogs in this condition are now over’.”

The councillor reported questioned whether the daughter cared more about her ‘own good name’ than the welfare of six dogs.

READ MORE: British expat says council on Spain’s Costa Blanca are ‘ignoring’ attempts to rescue mistreated dogs as they ‘know the owner

The dogs’ owner has now agreed to hand them over for adoption.

They are being sought a suitable shelter and will be rehomed ‘very soon’.

Have you been to the police about animals in terrible conditions near to your homes? Call the Olive Press on +34 951 273 575 

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