GRACE cackles loudly as she glugs a bucket of booze through a penis-shaped straw while wearing a red satin hat with ‘BAD GIRL’ emblazoned across the front.

But Grace isn’t a 25-year-old on her first foreign holiday – she’s an 85-year-old OAP who uses a mobility scooter and has come to Benidorm on a six-week bender.

The Liverpudlian widow spends her evenings riding a rodeo bull on the strip and downing shots with younger men.

UN-GRACE-FUL: 85-year-old girl still going for it in Benidorm

But Grace is not alone. 

A new two-part TV series, Benidorm: Brits on the Pull, revealed Grace is just one of one of many pensioners who live and holiday in the infamous holiday resort – and who have no intention of growing old gracefully.

Other characters on the show, which aired on Channel 5 last week, are Mr Benidorm who owns the Union Jack 2 bar and rides around dressed in a red suit emblazoned with hundreds of British flags.

ROAD RAGE: The series covers badly behaved mobility scooters

Tattooed granny rapper Jeanie B, 65, has also come to Benidorm from the UK to audition at a cabaret club.

She enjoys Benidorm because it’s the ‘party place of the universe’ and she is the ‘greatest party animal the world has ever seen’.

Similarly in love with the limelight is 59-year-old Benidorm resident Gary, aka ‘Johnny Bongo’, who’s hoping to resurrect his drumming career and is taking to the stage for the first time in almost 17 years.

BONGO-DORM: Gary, 59, hopes to get his music career back

He says: “At the end of the day, anything’s got to be better than living in rainy Manchester. “Sometimes the foreign women here are better because they don’t know what I’m talking about. “If they’re English, they tend to find I can be a little bit crude.”

Part 2 of the series is due to air on Thursday, August 1, at 10.15 UK time.


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