A BUS reportedly ‘full of tourists’ has crashed on the AP-7 motorway outside Alicante.

The incident was spotted by an eyewitness at 11.49pm on Saturday with ‘four to five ambulances’ and ’10 police cars’ already at the scene.

Emergency services were seen taking people ‘on stretchers’, though no injuries nor fatalities have yet been confirmed.

SCENE: The accident happened on the AP-7 southbound towards Alicante

“It looked like a bus full of tourists,” Dave McQueen, owner of BenidormReviews.com, told the Olive Press.

“The side of the coach was open and it was full of suitcases, so it was definitely packed when it crashed.”

The bus was reportedly a 52-seater and had hit another car in front, which looked like a ‘chunk of metal’.

The incident occurred on the AP-7 motorway where the road forks between an exit to El Campello and to Alicante airport.

Traffic has reportedly been reduced to the hard shoulder.

Police nor emergency services have yet responded for comment.

WRECKAGE: Emergency services were reportedly ‘pulling bodies’ from the wreckage

More to follow…

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