THE news that a car was vandalised with an anti-tourist slogan this week may come as no surprise to some.

But the reckless tactics of anti-tourism group Arran are much more than petty crime.

The fact that this bunch of activists daubed the words, ‘neighbours vs tourists’ on a vehicle, is indicative of an island-wide campaign of disillusionment.

Holidaymakers are essential to Mallorca’s economy, and don’t let Government officials or the media tell you otherwise.

Yes, there is Magaluf, colonised by the British and other nationalities since the 1960s.

Ok, so Palma Port sees 2 million tourists flood in on huge cruise ships each year (see page 4), but foreign money is vital to propping up the Balearics’ biggest island.

It isn’t even just package holidays and stag and hen dos, luxury travellers also shell out millions every year.

But if you are still concerned about tourism in Mallorca, put down those cans of spray paint, pick up a cana, and try to get to know your new summer friends.

You never know, you may actually like them!

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