A man has died at a Spanish festival after being knocked to the ground and gored by a young bull.

The unnamed 26-year-old was standing near some steps at the El Pinós fiestas, Alicante, when the animal was released into the square on August 1.

It then thrust its horns into his leg, causing him to suffer an eight-inch gash to his calf.

GORED: The man was rushed to Elda Hospital

The man was helped to his feet and given emergency medical treatment from doctors on-site, before being rushed to Elda Hospital.

But the injury had affected an artery in his leg and he bled to death while on the operating table.

The next morning, town hall officials held a minute’s silence and the following day of the festival was cancelled out of respect.

FATAL: The man suffered a wound to an artery

After hearing of the man’s death, the mayor of El Pinós, Lázaro Azorín, said he was ‘heartbroken’.

He said: “I wish to convey my most sincere condolences to the young man’s family at this difficult time.”

A funeral for the man, from the town of Petrer, will be held today just before 6pm.

Event organiser Francisco Albert said the man was a professional at the festival and had known the risks involved when working with bulls.

He told the Metro: “He certainly wasn’t a novice.

“The first time the animal got him nothing happened, but the second time it trapped him against the steps and that’s when it gored him.

“It affected an artery and he died on the operating table at hospital after receiving emergency medical attention from doctors here.”

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  1. Why not tell it as it was. The victim was one of many where they torment the young bull and use tractor tyres, steps to hide and avoid the bull. This victim was not so lucky the bull charged and the victim did not calculate before the young bull gored him. Sad but this type of entertainment provoking an animal should have been banned a long time ago. Nuff said.

    Location : canaries

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