A RYANAIR passenger has managed to fly from the UK to Spain on her daughter’s passport after airport security blunders.

Susan Rumsby, 55, had picked up the passport of her daughter Isobella, 22, before catching a flight from Bristol to Seville.

She passed through security at Bristol airport, where she only needed to show her valid boarding pass. 

Ground handlers at the gate are supposed to match the name on the boarding pass to the traveller’s passport, but Susan was allowed through.

On arrival, Susan was not stopped at Spanish border control as officials failed to notice the discrepancy with her documents.

Ryanair passengers e
RYANAIR: Plan a full investigation

“Although this is entirely my fault from the start I find it unbelievable and worrying that I managed to travel to Seville on the wrong passport and incorrect boarding pass which must question national security,” Susan told the Independent.

A spokesperson for Ryanair’s ground handler, Swissport, said: “We are aware that on Saturday 27 July after passing through airport security screening a passenger was allowed to travel incorrectly on her daughter’s passport.

“A full investigation into how this happened is now underway and Swissport will take all necessary steps once this process is complete.”

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