A DRUNK driver has been stopped twice within an hour for driving over the alcohol limit on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Guardia Civil stopped the man in the Mar Menor region of Murcia for tailgating on the A-30 near Puerto de la Cadena.

Appearing to be drunk, the agents breathalysed him finding 0.53 and 0.48 mg of alcohol per litre of expired air (mg/l).

This is double the legal limit of 0.25 mg/l.

SORRY OFFICER: Driver stopped twice for drunk driver within one hour on the Costa Blanca

The Renault driver was denounced to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters and ordered to sober up at the Las Cumbres service station.

But at 7.05pm – an hour after the first stop – the man was stopped again at a preventative police stop in San Javier, 20km away.

He tested positive with 0.34mg/l and 0.39 mg/l of expired air.

The man has now been denounced three times to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

His initial positive test fell short of the 0.60mg/l constituting a criminal offence, and leading to a €500 fine and 4-6 points removed from a licence.

But breaking the police order to stop until sobered will see him facing a €200 fine and loss of 4 points.

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