INCOMING: Ambassador Elliot is a former Brexit communications director

BRITAIN’S new ambassador has arrived in Spain.

Hugh Elliott, a member of the UK’s Diplomatic Service since 1989, succeeds Simon Manley as Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Spain and non-resident Ambassador to Andorra.

The arriving Ambassador had previously been Director of Communications in the Department for Exiting the European Union.

“With a wealth of cultural, commercial, and people-to-people links, the relationship between the UK and Spain is like no other, and I am proud and honoured to represent my Queen and country here in Spain,

“I met my wife Toñi while working as an English teacher at the University of Salamanca, Spain was my first diplomatic posting in the nineties and my two children were born in Madrid.

“I can understand why so many UK nationals have chosen to make Spain their home,” said Elliott on his arrival.

He continued: “We are approaching an important milestone as the UK prepares to leave the European Union on 31 October.”

PREDECESSOR: Former Ambassador Simon Manley leaves his role

Elliott will hope to emulate the illustrious career of his predecessor, who had many highlights as a British envoy, including receiving a cooking lesson from the three-Michelin star-winning Spanish chef David Muñoz.

The new Ambassador’s message has been one of reassurance to UK nationals currently living in Spain.

He said: “We’ve given EU citizens living in the UK the legal certainty of their right to live and remain in the United Kingdom. And I’m very pleased that the Spanish Government has put in place, through the Royal Decree, the same guarantees for British citizens in Spain.”

Mr Elliott acknowledged that people have questions and concerns, and undertook that he and his team would be working hard to answer them.

He also urged people to sign up to the Living in Guide where they will find the latest, accurate information on Brexit.

Hugh Elliott will shortly present his credentials.

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