BUNDLES OF CASH: Hidden by the drugs and guns gang but later found by police

ONE of Scotland’s most-wanted men has been jailed after being caught in Spain as he met his wife at the airport.

Joseph Lindsay, 34 has been hauled back to the UK to face justice after he was traced to Tenerife by police in Spain.

He has been jailed for four-and-a-half years, having been arrested as he waited to greet his family at Tenerife South Airport on December 27 last year.

Detectives had linked Lindsay to a gang who have been jailed for a total of 87 years after an investigation into violence, drugs and firearms offences.

The crime gang member from Blantyre, Lanarkshire, was caught after he left DNA traces on elastic bands used to bundle up money.

CAPTURE: Of Joseph Lindsay came as he waited at Tenerife South airport

Det Supt Laura Thomson of the Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit, said Police Scotland would ‘continue to disrupt anyone involved in this type of activity on a daily basis.’

She added: “People involved in serious organised crime can give the illusion of living a glamorous lifestyle but the reality is they are living dangerously, constantly having to look over their shoulder and causing misery to our communities.

“Regardless of the role individuals have in organised crime groups, they are associated with people who do not care about the consequences of their actions, their crimes aren’t victim-less and they will carry out extreme violence.

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