BO-NO: MPs scuppered Boris Johnson’s plans

BORIS Johnson suffered a double blow yesterday, as his bid for an early general election was rejected by MPs and legislation designed to stop a no-deal Brexit was cleared.

MPs backed a bill which blocks a no-deal Brexit if the Prime Minister could not reach an agreement with the EU by October 31.

Johnson said that a general election must be called for next month, in order to ‘sort this out’.  

However, he did not get the 434 votes needed for the motion to pass, with Jeremy Corbyn ordering Labour MPs to abstain.

Afterwhich, Johnson criticised the Leader of the Opposition.

He called him: “the first leader of the opposition in the democratic history of our country to refuse the invitation to an election”.

This news will come as a relief to some retired British expats living in Spain.

News emerged that their pensions could be frozen under a no-deal Brexit.

The bill set to stop a no-deal Brexit is set to pass through the House of Lords on Friday. 

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