THE Junta has issued a new health alert for listeria in Malaga after a meat product was found to be carrying the deadly bacteria.

The affected product is Chicharron Especial by La Montanera del Sur, which is produced by Incarybe SL, a company based in Benaojan.

The brand has now ceased production as a precaution after a 47-year-old man tested positive for listeria after consuming the meat product.

The Junta has ordered the closure of the factory and as a precaution has halted production of all products made by Incarybe SL.

The Ministry of Health and Families said the sample of the ‘Chicharrón Especial’ which tested positive was taken by Junta inspectors on September 6.

sierra de ronda
The family were served the infected product in Ronda

It came after seven people from the same family went to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella with symptoms of food poisoning after consuming the product in a restaurant in Ronda.

One of the group, the 47-year-old male, tested positive for listeria.

Three others have tested negative while the test results for the other three are still pending.

The man who tested positive for listeria had flown back to England, where he lives, before receiving his results.

He is receiving treatment there.

The patient’s wife has also been admitted to hospital, although the results of her analysis have not tested positive for listeria.

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