UFOLOGISTS have claimed alien spacecraft ‘refuel’ during electric storms after a UFO was spotted over Alicante city last week.

A separate theory is that aliens use the storms as ‘camouflage’ to observe human life, according to Spanish media company Agencia 6.

It comes after a strange flying object was spotted in a video of lightning over the city of Alicante during last week’s gota fría storms.

The footage was originally broadcast on Canal 6 Alicante without any mention of the flying craft.

But then a student at the University of Alicante contacted Agencia 6 for the video to take a closer look.

“We saw in your footage of the electrical storm a strange object, it looks like a transparent ball of some sort,” student David Gutierrez Roca wrote to the company.

IS IT A BIRD? Request for the original footage came from University of Alicante student David Gutierrez Roca

An edited version of the footage has now gone viral with reports claiming NASA are looking into the sighting. 

The video appears to show a drone-like craft swoop down from the clouds before hastily retreating into the storm.

The University of Alicante are continuing to look into the images in what has been described as Alicante’s first UFO, according to Agencia 6.

It is reportedly the second sighting of its kind during an electrical storm, following a similar video taken in Wisconsin, in the USA, last July.

SECOND COMING: A UFO was sighted during an electrical storm over Wisconsin in July

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