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Ufologists claim alien spacecraft ‘refuel in thunderstorms’ after UFO sighted over Alicante last week

UFOLOGISTS have claimed alien spacecraft ‘refuel’ during electric storms after a UFO was spotted over Alicante city last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OzTIGEAnr4&feature=youtu.be Subscribe to Olive Press TV A separate...

Out of this world: ‘Green Spaceship’ to dock in Madrid

IT’S not a UFO but it’s certainly flying. Dubbed the Green Spaceship, innovative design studio 3Gatti is pushing architecture to its outer limits with its...

DON’T GET SPOOKED: Five gruesome mysteries remain unsolved in Spain this Halloween

Suicide, UFOs, disappearance, murder, mutilation - these unsolved mysteries are guaranteed to get Halloween off with a scream!

Cloud formations in Cadiz lead UFO believers to think we are not alone

Lenticular clouds have been behind alleged UFO sightings around the world

Black ball plummets from space to Spain and lands in farmers’ field

Inspectors believe object fell from a satellite or rocket

Air disaster exercise in Gibraltar

Hundreds of soldiers and school children act out airport disaster at Gibraltar airport

Calling outer space… from Andalucia

Schoolchildren enjoy unique chat with international space station astronaut

Is there anybody out there?

With recent claims of a UFO sighting over the Costa del Sol, the Olive Press asked Eloise Horsfield to investigate the phenomena

Costa encounter

EXCLUSIVE: British expat is convinced she saw a UFO

UFO claims surround military jet mystery on the Costa del Sol

EXCLUSIVE: The sighting of a "long and thin" object with flashing lights came just days before a similar incident in the UK, and led to an apparent 5am military jet chase




Andalucía offers a 60-million-euro Covid-19 direct aid package to the hotel sector

ANDALUCIA’s government is preparing a €60million support package for the province’s crushed tourism industry, the Junta said on Monday, including offering hotels €200 of...