OVER 400 Andalucian schoolchildren got the chance to have a conversation with the international space station last week.  

The meeting was hosted by the science park in Granada, which shared a link with three other science museums in Europe to form a simultaneous ‘Q&A’ with the space station.

The children had 20 minutes to grill astronaut Andre Kuipers about life in space and about the work being done up there.

The link to the space station was difficult to maintain, given that the station is moving at 30,000 km per hour.

In the end only one of five selected Spanish students actually got to pose a question.

The question he asked:  how do they drink water in space?

Carmen Guerra, the technical director of the science park was ‘delighted’ with the outcome of the first meeting between students and astronauts.

She told OPX they would be planning more events in the future.

Anyone interested in joining the program should check out the Granada Science Park webpage.  www.parqueciencias.com.

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