MR POPULAR: Pablo Iglesias

SPAIN is gearing up for another election and its people are not happy about it. 

That’s according to an Ipsos poll prepared for 20minutos, which suggested 64% of Spaniards do not want another snap poll.

The survey, which quizzed 1,500 people in the first two weeks of this month, revealed that 85% of the population believe – reluctantly – that there will be another election.

PSOE leader and PM Pedro Sanchez

Caretaker Prime Minister only has until next week to secure a deal and form a government after talks with the king and party leaders failed yesterday.

If he fails, an election will be called on November 10.

The survey also asked respondents which party leader they would most like to have a beer with.

Podemos and far left leader Pablo Iglesias came out on top with 44% of the vote, followed closely behind by ‘el guapo’ Sanchez on 43%, then Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera (41%), Santiago Abascal, the leader of far right Vox (36%) and lastly, Partido Popular leader Pablo Casado on 34%.

Albert Rivera rueda de prensa sede e
Albert Rivera

Iglesias is also the leader who inspires the most confidence among voters (38%), followed by Rivera (36%), Sánchez (35%), Casado (30%) and, finally, Abascal (29%).

In addition, the general secretary of Podemos is the one who cares most about the interest of others, according to the survey, with 28% support.

It also asked which political leader they would ask for advice.

Iglesias and Rivera tie with 36%, and after them are Sanchez (35%), Abascal (30%) and Casado (29%).

The order is similar when asked about who respondents would lend money to: Sánchez, Iglesias and Rivera tie (with 28%), while Casado and Abascal get 26% support.

In general, Iglesias and Rivera, the candidates of the new parties (Cs and Podemos), are the ones who project the best image, according to the poll.

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