Almost One Million Affected As Major Blackout In Tenerife Leaves Entire Island Without Light
POWER OUT: Both inhabitants and holidaymakers were affected by the mass blackout

A MAJOR blackout has left the entirety of Tenerife without electricity, affecting almost a million people.

The blackout occurred around 1pm on Sunday after an incident occurred at Granadilla Power Plant, which then spread to the main power station in Las Caletillas.

Street and traffic lights stopped working and the emergency services – who received 688 calls throughout the day – had to help around 60 people who were stuck in elevators.

A minor had to be treated after suffering whiplash when the car they were in collided with another vehicle. 

Alarms of some shops and homes rang out, while local restaurants and bars struggled to continue service. 

Hospitals and airports were not affected as their power was supplied by backup generators.

Power is now being slowly restored to the island.

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