A SIX-year-old boy has died after being rescued alongside his mother from a boat in the Alboran Sea.

The boy died during the medical evacuation by helicopter to Almeria airport, where emergency doctors could do nothing to save his life.

A spokesman for Maritime Rescue told Europa Press a Frontex patrol boat first sounded the alarm for the migrant child, who had a ‘weak pulse’ and a body temperature below 36C.

The boat, with 66 people from Sub-Saharan Africa on board, including 22 minors, was sighted by the ‘Golden Brigde’ ferry when it was sailing about 45 nautical miles south-southeast of the Motril coast (Granada).

The rest of the migrants were transferred to the Guadamar ‘Concepción Arenal’ before being taken to the port of Malaga .

The rescued consist of 30 men, 13 women and 23 minors, who were treated at 6.30am today by volunteers from the Red Cross Immediate Emergency Response Team (ERIE).

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