WHOEVER said luxury and eco-friendly couldn’t be used in the same sentence?

Expat Peter Spahn has just installed what is believed to be Europe’s first solar-heated jacuzzi at a sumptuous retreat in the Marina Baixa region of Alicante.

Using the ROOS system from Germany, Spahn has given the Finca El Almendral an ideal 38-41°C water temperature for their jacuzzi from May until September this year.

ECO LUXURY: The jacuzzi at Finca Los Almendros and the ROOS system solar-rapid® collector

Dr. George Biernat, owner of the Finca, used to rely on a ‘gas burner’ to heat the jacuzzi for guests.

But after installing both solar central heating and the ROOS system’s solar-rapid® collector, Biernat has slashed his annual €4,000 gas bill to zero so far this year.

“The ROOS team have never done this before, so I had to re-programme the control unit for the higher heat required for a hot tub,” Spahn, 58, told the Olive Press.

EUROPE FIRST: The ROOS system is typically used to heat swimming pools, which require a lower temperature

“Swimming pools are heated to around 30 degrees from June-August, so this needed a much higher temperature.

“The owner has now not turned on his gas burner for the entire period of use this year.

“The saved gas is also an aspect of climate protection, so I’m very happy that it worked so nicely.”

Spahn estimates he has worked with 160 clients since he set up his EnREAL business in 1996.

He installs both solar central heating units and the ROOS system for heating swimming pools, and says the Spanish market has been slow to capitalise on non-photovoltaic solar power.

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‘VERY HAPPY’: Peter Spahn represents the ROOS System as their no. 1 installer on the Costa Blanca

“The bay area of Benidorm and Altea is the warmest spot in continental Spain. It’s a marvellous climate,” Spahn said.

“The vast majority of us moved to Spain for the sun, but I really don’t understand why we don’t make the most of it.”

Finca El Almendral general manager Dr. George Biernat added he was ‘very glad’ with the results.

“The surprising fact was indeed that the gas burner has not been used at all between May and the end of September,” Biernat said.

“I will certainly save gas and money – good for the climate and my pocket.”

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