Malaga Nightclubs Crackdown
NOISE LEVELS: A neighbour using an audio device

NEW plans to crackdown on Malaga nightclubs and bars are in their ‘final stretch.’

There have been calls for a curfew at nighttime by the Association of Neighbors Centro Antiguo and now the council has motioned plans to put one in place.

Councillor Gemma del Corral stated her intentions to conclude the proposal by November.

She said: “We the council have taken the documents and will have the final approval in the plenary session next November.

“It is a complex process that imposes limitations for some and it is necessary to try to ensure that these measures achieve their objectives but do not have too many negative effects for the businesses.”

General Secretariat of the City Council advocated a 2 am curfew every day.

In response, the business have asked curfews to be imposed 11 pm from Sunday to Thursday and Friday and on Saturdays at 2 am, but only in autumn and winter.

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