THE mummified body of a pensioner has been found in a home in Spain.

The grisly find was made by Policia Nacional on Tuesday after a family member of a 78-year-old woman reported her as missing.

But according to Spanish press, neighbours in the Madrid district of Ciudad Lineal had been asking police to check up on the woman for years after not seeing her alive since 2004.

Police attempted to enter the home on Tuesday, alongside the woman’s relatives, but had to call for the fire brigade as it was heavily locked from the inside.

After gaining entry to the property, in calle Jose del Hierro, investigators found the woman’s body in a mummified state in the bathroom.

According to El Mundo, doctors believe she died between 14 and 16 years ago.

She is believed to have died from natural causes.

The room in which she died was incredibly humid and had a ventilation unit.

Such conditions meant the body did not decompose as it created the perfect atmosphere for mummification.

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