HE’S lived in Spain for the past six years, playing in front of thousands of Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu.

But Gareth Bale, perhaps the country’s most famous British expat, has revealed he ‘didn’t know’ who the current British Prime Minister is.


Against the backdrop of UK political chaos, which has left other Brits in Spain scared, the Welsh winger, 30, said he is unaware of ‘99 per cent of Brexit’.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Bale, who earns £93,000 a day, admitted not knowing the UK’s current leader is Boris Johnson.

SCORN: Bale has been openly criticised by his manager Zidane

“Well, there we go. I didn’t know that. I thought he was the mayor?,” he said after being told the news.

He added: “I can’t have a say in it so I’m not interested. I follow the golf, that’s about it. I can tell you who’s number one in the world?.”

The Cardiff-born footie star has frequently spoken of his love for golf and is often snapped winding down with a club in hand.

But Bale’s boy-in-a-bubble persona is not just the result of his time spent perfecting his chip and putt.

He has been the subject of harsh public criticism from Galacticos boss Zinedine Zidane, while rumours have swirled about a rift between him and his Real teammates.

Bale is currently in the frame for a move to Manchester United, but has instead been focussing on his new business idea.

He used his Telegraph interview to promote his new London-based company, ‘Rowbots’, a high-energy fitness programme.

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