A DRUGGED-up British man rammed his car at a pregnant woman after being stopped by police for illegally parking in a disabled space. 

The middle-aged expat flew into a rage when police in La Linea found that a disabled pass he was using was fake and belonged to a dead grandmother. 

BORDER TOWN: La Linea, where the incident took place

A drugs test he took at the police station tested positive for cannabis and amphetamines. It also found him to be over the drink driving limit. 

Officers approached his car last Friday evening when they noticed it parked in a space reserved for vehicles equipped with a rear disabled ramp. 

After asking the 45-year-old man for proof of his identity, they discovered that it didn’t match with the woman on the disabled card. 

The British man also failed to show a valid driving licence to officers. 

Further investigations led police to arrest a 56-year-old woman in Sevilla on suspicion of falsifying official documents. 

The pregnant woman, who narrowly missed being hit by the vehicle, was shaken but unharmed.

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