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CHEAP & GREEN: Ryanair produces less Co2 per passenger

BUDGET-airline Ryanair is the greenest in Europe, with each passenger producing almost half the Co2 of its upmarket competitors.

A traveller embarking on one of the Irish airline giant’s planes creates 67g of Co2 emissions for every kilometre travelled, compared to an average of 120g per kilometre for those who fly with other European airlines. 

Europe’s largest airline is aiming to reduce the level of Co2 per passenger per kilometre to below 60g by 2030, having brought it down from 82g in the last decade.

Ryanair’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said:  “Ryanair is the greenest and cleanest airline in Europe that operates with the youngest fleet and the highest occupancy rates in the industry.”

The low-cost travel company transported 13.8 million passengers throughout October, emitting 1,200kt of Co2. 

Last month a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation found that Co2 emissions from flights are rising 70% faster than predicted by the UN.

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