PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez

SPAIN could have a new government before Christmas, according to PSOE secretary Rafael Simancas.

The politician has revealed that an ‘investiture session’ – similar to a vote of confidence – for Pedro Sanchez could happen in the week of December 9.

It comes after the PSOE and Podemos agreed to form a pact less than 48 hours after Sunday’s general election saw no party win an overall majority.

The PSOE has indicated that it is likely to receive support from the majority of smaller parties, including PNV, Más País, PRC and Teruel.

On the support of ERC, a separatist Catalunya party, Pedro Sanchez stressed that that deal requires dialogue ‘without violence, within the Constitution and within reality.’

Spain is desperate for a stable government after years of political instability.

After four elections in four years and the ongoing Catalunya crisis, the political stalemate is beginning to impact economic growth, as projects are put on hold.

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