A RETIRED expat has been found murdered in her bed in Malaga.

Known only as Ana, the 58-year-old woman, from Belgium, was found by her brother yesterday afternoon.

The brother arrived at the farm house, in Tolox, at around 5pm after she didn’t pick up the phone for their daily call.

After finding the front door unlocked, he entered the home and began calling out his sister’s name until he reached her bedroom.

There he found the body of his last remaining sibling, hidden under blankets and with obvious signs of violence.

He immediately called 112.

Guardia Civil from nearby Coin took charge of the case and searched the property for clues.

Tolox Spain e
Tolox, Malaga

The home is located at an exit on the A-366 road, an area difficult to access and popular with foreign residents.

Investigators quickly honed in on Ana’s potential lover, with whom she had been in a ‘friendly relationship’ for several months.

Sources say he was helping her with some DIY and refurbs on the property.

It is not clear if the relationship was sexual, but the man, also from Belgium, often stayed over as he had no permanent residence in Malaga.

That, police believe, would explain why there were no signs of forced entry.

The family told Diario Sur that they found the lack of resistance striking given that Ana was a martial arts expert.

Ana’s brother also noticed objects of high value were missing, including several collectable items.

Investigators now believe Ana was murdered at dawn after neighbours reported hearing a car and dogs barking at around 5am.

Ana bought the property in 2017 to be closer to her brother, her only living relative except her daughter.

Ana had also just become a grandmother two months ago.

An autopsy is being carried out today.

The investigation continues.

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