VOX have blasted Elche town hall’s plans to help 150 of its expatriate sons and daughters come home for the Christmas period.

The spokeswoman for the Elche-based party said the €100 surprise to 18-35 year-olds living and working outside of Spain was a ‘waste of money’.

The ruling PSOE party last month announced the plans – only eligible for people with a work contract and who were last registered as living in Elche – to help with aeroplane tickets and transport for young workers to be with their loved ones at Christmas.

But now spokeswoman Amparo Cerdá has denounced the measures as they ‘help people who are already in work’.

“The 15,000 euros should be used for other issues that benefit all people in Elche, such as Christmas lighting or people who need it most.”

It comes as Cerdá also hit out at the city’s newly-installed Christmas lights, calling them ‘a joke’.

She said the governing party was ‘anti-Christmas’ as the festive displays were confined to a small area of the city, leading to complaints in neglected areas of Elche.

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