Brotherhood marched through Sevilla city centre without permission CREDIT: ABC Sevilla

A RELIGIOUS brotherhood in Sevilla has been fined after being caught using a bus lane during a practice run of an upcoming procession.

According to ABC Sevilla, The Hermandad de los Panaderos (Brotherhood of the bakers) was caught on CCTV practising the route of its Christmas procession through the city centre on Monday evening.

The practice run, which included the bus lane near the Ronda Historica, was carried out despite the City Council denying the group permission just a couple of hours earlier.

The procession run-through, which took place on bank holiday Monday, occurred at the peak hour of 9pm, just as Christmas lights were being turned on and shops were closing.

Traffic cameras showed how the procession marched on the roads in darkness with no warning signs or lighting.

A police patrol stopped the brotherhood in Puerta Osario after watching it block a whole lane of traffic.

It is now facing a fine of between €500 and €1,000.

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