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  1. With all due respect, all immigrants to Spain from the UK went there because they wanted to live in Spain and enjoy the wonderful things the Country offers. They (I assume) have all taken full Spanish residency, including the paying of Spanish taxes on their world wide assets, and of course taking a Spanish Driving licence. These people have nothing to worry about as they are legally resident in the Country of their choice and will continue to receive the necessary medal treatment etc Reciprocation will not affect them. And they will continue to received their UK pension payments, which are paid to UK pensioners all over the world. The people who do indeed need to worry are this immigrants (ex pats) who live in Spain for more than 183 days per year but do NOT conform to the system. They should be very very afraid! I a willing to bet there will be a mass of applications for full residency very shortly!!

    Equally, if the Andalucian government (and thus Spain) are now getting exceptionally worried about tourism, and the loss of vital income to the economy though (mainly fruit and vegetable) exports to the UK, why did they not veto EU decisions during the negotiating processes. And, if they feel so strongly, just tell the EU that they WILL be doing free trade deals with the UK (as I am sure Germany will over their motor cars!). All is not lost. It now just becomes like any situation where Brits live in the world (eg USA)

    Location : UK

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