FOUR girls have escaped a potential kidnapping when their Cabify driver sped past their requested destination before ploughing into a roundabout on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Clara, Andrea, Lucia and Alicia had told their hail-a-ride driver to stop at the Playa San Juan in Alicante. When they arrived, the man ‘lost his head’ and swerved through traffic before ruining his black Mercedes van at a roundabout.

“When we told where he had to leave us, he started to accelerate, without any explanation,” Clara told Diario Informacion.

“We started yelling at him to stop, but he kept going, dodging several cars, until we hit the roundabout and went flying.”

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Clara is still recovering from breaking a rib, a fracture in her finger and bruises all over her body. Her companions are also suffering whiplash caused by the incident.

She added the driver conducted himself ‘fine’ during the trip, apart from telling the girls he had just had his birthday for which nobody had congratulated him.

The driver tested positive for amphetamine when questioned by police, according to sources. An investigation is open as whether the man committed a crime of reckless driving.

Cabify reportedly offered the girls a 15% discount for the next three trips.

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