AN amazing video has captured the moment an ‘unaware’ HGV-driver rammed a car sideways down a motorway for 2km.

The shocking footage shows a red Nissan Micra being pushed around a bend by a Spanish driver who has no idea there is a vehicle in front of his truck.

He only stops driving when other road-users begin honking him, before he pulls up and spots the car in front of him.

“I didn’t see her, where was she?,” he can be heard saying in Spanish, “I thought I had a puncture.”

I filmed this today driving into la cala and helped the lady in the red car she is called Ana from Sweden .. OMG lucky to be alive!! The driver was not aware of the red car being there.

Geplaatst door Steven Saunders Chef op Donderdag 12 december 2019
UNAWARE: The lorry driver ‘didn’t realise he was pushing a woman along the motorway in her car (credit: Steven Saunders)

The terrified woman, called Ana, believed to be from Sweden, says: “I was in the right lane, he was pushing me for miles.”

Local chef Steven Saunders shot the video yesterday afternoon, coming off the A-7 into La Cala de Mijas near the feria ground.

He said: “OMG lucky to be alive!! The driver was not aware of the red car being there.”

The Nissan appears to have sustained body damage, as well as a flat tire and a broken wing mirror.

Policia Local officers were spotted arriving at the scene and the lorry driver is believed to have passed a breathalyzer test.

The Spanish-plated truck appears to be from haulage company, Palletways.

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