A TOLL booth worker has revealed the horrific abuse inflicted by angry drivers who don’t want to pay road charges.

The employee of five years said he had ‘been spat on’ in a ‘brutal’ campaign of harassment from motorists.

It comes as two Andalucian tolls are to be scrapped, meaning the staff member and 135 of his colleagues will be left jobless.

Tolls on the AP-4 (Cadiz-Seville) and AP-7 (Tarragona-Valencia-Alicante) are both due to be phased out in the new year.

A toll station on the AP-7

According to news site Andalucia Informacion, the AP-4 will become charge-free on Wednesday, with its booths to be demolished soon after.

Despite the good news for drivers, employees claim they have been let down by Abertis, the firm in charge of tolls.

The same worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We have been left with a bad taste in our mouths.”

There are allegedly no compensation arrangements in place for those soon to be unemployed, 

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that 25 older employees nearing retirement had applications for voluntary leave rejected.

The average age of those made redundant is 40 years old, while 95% of outgoing staff are those working in the booths.

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