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‘THEY SPIT ON US’: Toll booth worker in Spain’s Andalucia reveals ‘brutal’ campaign of abuse from drivers who don’t...

It comes as two Andalucian tolls are to be scrapped, meaning the staff member and 135 of his colleagues will be left jobless

Costa del Sol toll charges to be scrapped THIS YEAR

The AP-4, running from Sevilla to Cadiz will also have finished its contract by the end of the year

GREEDY SAMARITANS: criminal gang who slashed tourists’ tyres at toll booths along Costa Blanca and then robbed them finally...

TYRE slashers who targeted tourists’ vehicles along the Costa Blanca and then robbed them while pretending to help have been arrested by Police in...

Toll road prices increase in Andalucia for first time in three years

TOLL road prices in Andalucia have been increased for the first time in three years. The Junta has bumped up the costs by an average...

UPDATE: Death toll from fighter jet crash in Spain rises to 11

THE death toll from the crash of a Greek fighter jet in central Spain has risen to 11. One of the French airmen who...

Portugal demands overdue toll payment from 300,000 drivers, most from Huelva and Galicia

The estimated overdue electronic toll fees stand at €80 million for toll roads which have been contested ever since they were set up

Road to nowhere

Toll roads around Spain are in danger of shutting as the construction boom sees one more victim

Spain increases motorway tolls

And on September 1 costs will rise yet again

Toll too far between Spain and Portugal

The 77 euro fee to cross into the Algarve is tourist suicide

Gib toll protests

Locals are vowing not to spend money in the neighbouring town

Opposition unites against La Linea toll

Workers union Unite plan to protest against the toll

La Linea mayor confident about toll

Sanchez wants to charge five euros to cars crossing into Gibraltar

Still Rocking the Boat

Tricky tensions between Gibraltar and La Linea continue




Two sisters in Spain’s Barcelona in ‘safe houses’ after refusing arranged marriages in Bangladesh

TWO Bangladeshi-born sisters are under protection in Barcelona after complaining of being forced into arranged marriages. Catalunya's General Directorate of Attention to Children and Adolescents...


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