By Nicola Cowell

PRESSURE is being ramped up on a plan to charge a toll for visitors to the Rock after local Gibraltarians launched a campaign to boycott La Linea.

Thousands of locals have joined the campaign which vows not to spend any money in the neighbouring
border town after its mayor came up with the idea.

The campaign intends to hit the town in the pocket an force the mayor to reconsider.

Spanish and British unions have announced they will also join forces to protest against the plans to charge every car five euros to cross the border.

But the unions – who represent an estimated 7,000 Spaniards, who rely on Gibraltar for their living – are planning a protest to take place this Friday.

The Spanish government has also added its weight to the opposition insisting its lawyers will go to court to contest the plans.

The Ministry for public works has already denied permission to change traffic flow at the border to make
room for toll booths.

The mayor has now changed tack and is pressing on with plans to charge vehicles as they leave the Rock

He insists the toll would raise an estimated 30million euros for the struggling town.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind paying a fiver to enter if they could guarantee me a parking space, once inside! There’s only Morrisons’ car park that’s free and I justify my stay by buying plenty of goodies once there. :)

  2. Christopher, there is loads of free parking in Gib. Morrisons is not the only one (and they have a time restriction anyway).

    There’s a small car park just below the Landport gate, off Corral road. There are two parking areas opposite Queensway Quay, one quite big and usually has spaces (steps down from Linewall Rd just opp the Anglican Cathedral). There is also a large car park all around the cable car station. All of them offer free and unlimited parking.

  3. @JUSTIN: Duly noted. Thanks for the tip. I know where to park now. However, since they opened up an “Iceland” in Mijas Costa my visits to Gib have become very sporadic! I just pop onto the rock if I’m visiting family near there. Thanks again.

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