A SCREENING test could reveal which children have dyslexia at an early age, getting them extra support in their education.

The exam is one of the proposals the ‘Dyslexia Pledge’ signed by the Gibraltar Government recently.

Two online training courses which teach people about dyslexia are also part of this pledge.

Stuart Byrne exclusively told The Olive Press just how he hoped these courses create more awareness about dyslexia on the Rock.

“The courses are mainly aimed at schools but they can be used for any business as well,” said Stuart Byrne, president of the Gibraltar Dyslexia Support Group.

“They’re only an hour long each and don’t only look at all the difficulties but also the strengths of dyslexics.

“That is why I now hope is that businesses and private schools will also sign the pledge.”

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Early diagnosis

It followed a meeting with government ministers where it was agreed that dyslexia would be a core value of recently announced public service reform.

“The screening tool will help check a child’s ability at different levels, through reading speeds, comprehension and memory,” said Byrne.

“This tool, which can be bought as a computer program by schools will be able to diagnose someone as dyslexic.

“The hope is that the government will, you know, buy the software, and screen every child going through the education system in Gibraltar at five or six-years-old.

“If we’re doing screening of every single child at that age, the likelihood of someone getting into Bayside and not having been diagnosed is going to hopefully be completely eradicated.”

Byrne is encouraging members of the public to complete the course, which can even provide them with a ‘Made by Dyslexia’ certificate.

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