A BRITISH mum who mysteriously died during a family holiday to Spain was assaulted weeks earlier, it has been revealed.

Police have launched a fresh probe into the death of Megan Brannan, 24, from Motherwell, who was attacked in her hometown six weeks prior to her vacation.

It was thought that the hairdresser had died from an illness she had complained about, although the exact cause of death was never given.

But now Scottish cops are looking into the theory that an injury sustained from an attack may have played a part, according to the Sun Online.

Megan Brannan

A source told the paper: “It is possible her death’s linked to an injury she suffered during the assault. It’s vital police get to the bottom of what happened.

“Her family believed it was a tragic death or the result of an illness, so this has come as a complete shock to them. They need answers.”

Megan died in October in Tenerife, where she had been staying at the island’s Royal Sunset Beach Club in Costa Adeje.

She had been enjoying the break with her 11-month-old baby girl Kaedy, her dad Thomas, 61, sister Toni, 21 and mum Margaret, 57.

Her dad Thomas was ‘shocked’ to find her dead in bed on October 14, two days after she’d said she felt ill during a night out.

Megan, who is described as ‘beautiful and caring’ is suspected of being assaulted on September 5.

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