THIS is the moment a Spanish man rammed through the doors of a church in his car in Spain while claiming he was possessed by the devil. 

The unnamed driver had crashed into the doors of the church in Sonseca, Toledo, early on Wednesday morning. 

When a passerby approached his black 4×4 to see if he was okay, he screamed back obscenities and began ramming at the doors with his vehicle.

As the woman ran away and called police, he burst through the doors and drove up to the altar. 

When police arrived, the driver told officers that he was possessed by the devil and the church could provide him shelter. 

He was reportedly later identified as a local man who sold products for the cultivation of marijuana in a shop just 800 metres from the scene.

The 35-year-old was hospitalised with minor injuries.

Test results for alcohol and other substances have not yet been revealed but he may be under arrest, police said. 

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