A DEAD dolphin has washed up on a beach in Estepona.

The poor mammal had washed up along the shore yesterday evening at Playa de la Rada.

It was seen floating in the water at the beach in front of popular bar Tolone and fast food chain Burger King. 

From the pictures taken, the dolphin does not seem to be a full grown adult yet. 

SHOCK: Horror as poor animal is found dead (credit: Nicole Jimenez Martin)

The first reports started coming in around 17:00.

One witness said: “I called 112 and apparently they already knew about it and were sending someone to come and remove it.”

It does not seem like the corpse was dealt with quickly enough, as at approximately 18:30 another witness came across the distressing incident.

“I was with my little girls and my dog, which noticed it first and went crazy. Such a sad moment, we are destroying our planet.” 

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