FRIDAY saw the reopening of Palmeral Sports Centre of Orihuela, after €95,000 worth of flood damage was caused in September’s storms.

V  Ctor Bernab  U

The Councillor for Sports, Víctor Bernabéu, admitted, “it was completely flooded, the water was 1.8m deep, everything was filled with mud and we had to wait a month so it was dry enough to clear up.”

In total, 884 tonnes of mud had to be removed by hand, so as little damage as possible was done to the floor.

All machinery has been cleaned and greased, cleaning and painting the walls and replacing a rubber floor has also been carried out.

Even the entire electrical installation has had to be replaced.

Bernabéu expressed that, “After four months we have managed to open these facilities that are at 70% of their use and we will continue working to fix the imperfect areas that are missing.”

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