RESIDENTS of Gibraltar have been told to brace themselves for new power cuts at peak times.

The Gibraltar Electrical Authority announced that this would be the next stage of the testing of the new natural gas power station.

In one of the final stages of the power station at North Mole becoming fully active, the GEA told the public that the ‘control and automation systems’ will now be commissioned.

“Because we operate in an island mode, with no connection to any other countries’ electrical network, these tests must be carried out on the live grid affecting our customers,” said the GEA.

“We understand that our customers might ask why these tests need to be conducted during the daytime, and not at night time when the inconvenience caused by a power outage is considerably less. 

“Unfortunately given our unique circumstances, it is during the daytime that we experience our peak power demands, and it is only then that we can fully test our systems.”

After a number of lengthy power cuts over the last few months and years people were expecting this to be a thing of the past.

Although the GEA apologised for any inconvenience that would be caused by these power cuts, it is undoubtable they will cause some annoyance among businesses and the general public.

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