THE Brexit deal brokered by Boris Johnson has officially been enshrined into British law, putting the UK on course to leave the EU next week.

The Queen gave the green light to the Withdrawal Agreement Act, which has taken Parliament years of wrangling to approve.

This is one of the crucial steps needed to ensure that Britain can achieve Johnson’s primary election campaign pledge to ‘get Brexit done’ on January 31.

The agreement over how Britain exits the 28-member bloc now needs to be formalised by politicians in Brussels so that it can become international law.

It comes as the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, issued a last-minute message to British expats telling them to ‘get registered’.

Over 300,000 Brits are registered in Spain, although some estimates have put the number of those living in the country, closer to 600,000.

As Britain prepares to leave the EU, Downing Street confirmed that Gibraltar and the UK’s other overseas territories will NOT be part of the Schengen area, despite some confusion.

Today a delegation from the Rock is in Madrid for talks with Spain’s new left-wing coalition over Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU.

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