A HIGH speed police chase has led to the arrest of a Belgium man in the Pontevedra area of Galicia for stealing a luxury car in his native country.

The arrest came after the man, whose name has not been revealed by police, was stopped during a routine police check and was found to have an outstanding arrest warrant on him for the theft of an Aston Martin from a dealership in Belgium.

Once he knew he had been rattled, he made away, causing the Guardia Civil Trafico to make chase before colliding with the assailant and taking him into custody.

According to Dutch news outlet, HLN, the 34 year old man entered the dealership and expressed interest in buying the car, worth in excess of €130,000, but insisted on a test drive first.

ROUTINE: A normal traffic stop led to the man’s capture

He then took the car and made his way across Europe before eventually ending up in the northwestern tip of Spain, changing the number plates once he crossed the Spanish border.

This isn’t the first time the con man has tried this stunt.

In August last year, he was arrested after stealing a Mercedes Benz from a dealership in Holland and driving it to Spain.

He was arrested but subsequently released after he posted bail.

The man is also wanted in Pontevedra for eating at luxury restaurants and staying in upmarket hotels and leaving without paying.

He is now charged with theft and fraud as well for harassing police and endangering others on the road, and will appear in court this week.

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