With an increase in the divorce rate in the over-50s, sexual promiscuity is on the increase. 

On par with this increase, there has also been a rise in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases STDs as 60 becomes the new 20. 

Genital warts and gonorrhea cases have jumped by 56% in the last 10 years in the 50-65 age range in the UK.

Chlamydia, the silent STD which does not always show symptoms, is also on the increase in the over 50s.

Holiday destinations abound for single men and women with sex sometimes being as important as sun, sea and sangria.

Internet dating sites also show a marked increase in over 50s seeking not just love and companionship, but one night stands.

Even Age Uk now publishes a series of pages on their website offering advice on a series of sexual issues. There appears to be a ‘throwing caution to the wind’ attitude in older lotharios not using condoms as protection for their sexual encounters.

I questioned a number of 60-year-olds who are blissfully unaware of the risks of unprotected sex and regard it as only for unwanted pregnancy. One person said to me that his target females are all ‘over 50’ and so believes protection ‘is not needed as they can’t get pregnant and I can’t get AIDS as I don’t do it with men’.

Such sexual ignorance is rife amongst many as they see no need for safety precautions in the throes of passion. But even oral sex has a number of risk factors of which many are unaware. 

Two years ago I interviewed some swingers at a swingers club for a TV station and I was horrified at the fact that although perched on the bar was a massive bowl of sweets, there was not a single condom insight.

Governments rightly are pushing sex education for the young – but it appears they need to aim their advice at the more senior end too.

Jason Lee, CEO of a top free dating site ‘Free Date‘, told the Olive Press that mature daters should still take precautious with internet dating.

“You really have to recognise that you don’t know the person no matter how well you think you click; take every precaution in the early stages”, he said.

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