Stolen Dog
RETURNED: Pocahontas will return to her rightful owner in Estepona

A DISABLED teen on the Costa del Sol is set to be reunited with her therapy dog after its trainer allegedly faked its robbery. 

Named as only A.G, the trainer told media last week that Pocahontas was being walked one last time before being taken to Clara, 15, in Estepona.

It was then, he claimed, that a group of men pulled up in a van, robbed him at gunpoint before stealing the dog and driving off.

An investigation was launched while the Bocalan Foundation, which trained the black Labrador, offered an €800 reward for her return.

Police have now reported that the dog has been found and returned to the training centre.

Meanwhile the trainer has been arrested for simulating a crime.

It means Clara, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, will have her ‘best friend returned’.

The dog will be able to pick things up for her and open doors.

It is also designed to give her self-esteem and emotional support.

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