ORIHUELA Costa’s beaches will soon have a far greater police presence, for the first time since 2013.

Bathers’ security will be improved by the introduction of a new ‘beach surveillance and proximity unit’.

Councillor for Citizen Security of Orihuela, Ramón López, explained that extra agents will patrol beaches from May to December.

Aguamarina Orihiuela Costa 1
AGUAMARINA BEACH: Popular with bathers and illegal traders

As well as preventing thefts, the additional uniform presence is to hinder the illegal sale of clothing, food and drink and massage services.

In areas like Aguamarina, dozens of illegal vendors have raised concerns from residents and legitimate traders, alike.

López admitted, “The key is for the police presence to be there first, to avoid the traders setting up shop.”

However, he also hinted that the public are also part of the problem, “Because whenever there is a buyer, there will be an illegal seller.”

Aguamarina Orihiuela Costa 2
SAFER: Some of the extra twelve police will patrol from May to December

Local markets will also have an additional police presence to prevent crimes such as pick-pocketing.

Twelve agents will be split between the beaches and other parts of Orihuela Costa, but López revealed, “The intention is to have 40 more throughout this year.”

Since 2013, no new officers have been employed locally, due to Government’s restrictions on public sector recruitment.

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