A MAN with almost half a kilo of hash in his stomach who told doctors he’d swallowed batteries has been arrested.

Police discovered that the 27-year-old Romanian had consumed 43 pellets of the illegal drug, each weighing 10 grams.

The detainee had checked into a Marbella medical centre, where he told staff he had eaten batteries in a bid to kill himself.

He informed doctors of his plan to end his own life, before police arrested him on January 26.

The suspected drug trafficker was forced to expel the 430 grams of the illegal substance through natural means.

Policia Nacional officers confirmed the man had ingested the individually wrapped drug pellets following a radiological report.

A police spokesperson said the man had been ‘arrested for his alleged involvement in a drug trafficking offense.’

The grim method of concealing illicit substances in one’s stomach is popular among smugglers in Spain.

This latest ingestion of drug pellets – known as acorns by Spanish police – comes just over a week after another man was arrested for a similar crime.

On January 19, a driver responsible for a fatal car crash in Velez-Malaga was arrested by Policia Nacional cops.

An X-ray at the Axarquia Hospital where the 36-year-old Moroccan was being treated for chest trauma after the smash, revealed he had a staggering 71 pellets of hash inside his body.

That man was charged with drug trafficking after the accident on the A-356 near El Trapiche, which also injured several others.

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