THE family of a British man who was murdered during a stag weekend in Spain have appealed for new information on his 34th birthday.

Scotsman Craig Mallon, 26, from Coatbridge, was killed by a single punch outside a bar on the Costa Brava in 2012.

The quantity surveyor had only arrived in the Lloret de Mar area just hours before the savage attack that ended his life.

He was reported to have been punched in the head once in the busy street outside the Rockefeller’s bar.

Craig Mallon
TRAGIC: Craig Mallon died while on a stag do outside the Rockefeller’s bar

Despite an investigation by Spanish police, a killer was never identified and Craig’s mum passed away in 2018, without ever knowing the truth.

Witnesses who were out on the night Craig lost his life have been called upon by family members to offer up any information they may have.

According to the Daily Record, flowers, candles and other items have been placed at the site of his death.

Rockerfellers Bar
SCENE: The Rockefeller’s bar near to where Craig was killed

A statement by his family said: “When Craig was killed, this square was full of people so there should’ve been a number of witnesses.

“But many have not been traced or interviewed and the investigation has failed to find the person who threw that fatal punch.”

It comes after cops failed to identify Craig’s murderer, despite the uncovering of CCTV footage by a former detective in 2017.

The retired detective superintendent on the case, David Swindle, had claimed that four Frenchman caught on camera could be key to uncovering how Craig died.

KEY: CCTV of four French men who were near the site of the killing has been hailed as a crucial lead to catching Craig’s killer

He said: “The fatal blow inflicted on Criag Mallon in front of numerous potential witnesses in a busy street I would have thought that would have been a simple investigation.

“The basic steps were not followed.”

“These are the four French people who hold the key to what happened to Craig Mallon. They were at the scene when the incident happened.

“They had their car towed away from a street behind the place where Craig was killed. Four French males, walking through that scene when the incident was started.

“It’s important that we trace these four people. And I’m sure that social media will drive this and we’ll eventually get there.”

If you have any information, call the Olive Press on 951 27 35 75 or email

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