LAZING on a sun lounger with unparalleled views across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco’s Atlas mountains.

That was the life of British expat Steve Blundell in Marbella, before a new property development ‘blocked’ his view.

‘SPOILT’: The view from Steve’s swimming pool has been blocked by a huge pile of excavated earth ©theOlivePress

The Solihull financial worker, 55, is demanding action over a huge pile of rubble that has left his view of 20 years ‘obliterated’.

He is fuming that an enormous pile of construction rubble was dumped just metres in front of his swimming pool.

“Everyone is extremely angry, people spent their life savings on this place”

He has now filed a denuncia, alongside neighbours, to have the 1,000 tonnes of construction debris urgently removed.

It currently ruins the mostly green Cabopino urbanization, where the dad-of-two spends five months of the year.

LONG GONE: Steve stands on top of the rubble to survey the view he once had ©theOlivePress

The 40-foot high pile of dirt has been excavated from the neighbouring hillside to make way for a new development of 25 homes called ‘The Cape’.


Steve and his neighbours have filed a denuncia about the project developer Gugu Home, while their President has calculated that the giant earth mound will take €1 million to shift.

ENORMOUS: The pile of rubble has been dumped in a valley where protected pine trees once stood ©theOlivePress

“Our view has been completely ruined by this pile of rubbish,” Steve told the Olive Press, “Our houses are covered in dust.

“Everyone is extremely angry, people spent their life savings on this place.

“The reason I bought this house in 2000 was 100% because of the view.

“You can see Gibraltar and the Atlas mountains, it’s the best view on the Costa del Sol.”

Prices for the new ‘Cape’ homes, on the first line of Cabopino Golf Course start at €750,000.

Cape Homes
ARTIST’S IMPRESSION: Steve and his neighbours’ houses (bottom left), while (above) the projected row of 23 new homes ©theOlivePress

A description for the new properties reads: “This architectural design offers an open and bright space, with many possibilities in decoration, to enjoy the rest of one of the most privileged areas in the world.”

The developer Gugu Home has declined to comment after repeated attempts by the Olive Press.

ACTION: Steve and his neighbours have demanded answers over the dumped rubble ©theOlivePress

The on-site commercialiser up where the homes are being built said he ‘didn’t know’ when the pile of dirt would be shifted.

However, he added that he expected two homes to eventually be built where the pile of dirt currently sits.

It is unclear when the Cape is expected to be completed, although the homes are already being advertised on Idealista.


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