A BRITISH expat family of four is awaiting test results for coronavirus after being rushed to hospital in Mallorca yesterday. 

Only one of the isolated family members, being held at the Son Espases de Palma hospital, is showing symptoms.

They were all tested as a precaution, with the results hoping to come back from the National Microbiology Centre today.

According to the health ministry, the father was in contact with a person who has tested positive for coronavirus from January 25 to 29.

Doctors have said the four are ‘well’ today.

The whole family self-admitted last night after the 10-year-old daughter began showing symptoms of a fever however it is believed to be a typical flu.

They were rushed to the emergency centre as a precaution.

The parents and other daughter, 7, were asymptomatic.

The father had previously had breathing problems and a fever last week but his symptoms did not last more than a day.

However because he had contact with a coronavirus patient, the strictest protocol had to be followed.

Doctors said he may have even had the virus and cured himself of it.


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