CONFIDENCE if finally returning to the Costa Blanca property market

The UK’s confirmed departure from the EU has led to a sharp upturn in enquiries, the Olive Press can reveal.

CONFIDENT: Amael Bouarroudj of Invest For Home

While the world has become polarised on opinions over Brexit, the real estate industry sees some welcome grass roots of recovery.

Indeed, a trio of agents on the Costa Blanca, confirmed a much healthier situation than this time last year.

One, Amael Bouarroudj, of Invest For Home, in Torrevieja, said: “The increased confidence comes from the fact that for three years, people just didn’t know what was happening – now they know.

“Buyers have been holding back since the referendum, which means they now have a bit more saved up, and the improved exchange rate means more buying power, too.”

He sees the forthcoming Easter Holidays (April 4 to April 19) as the time when the market will be teeming with buyers wanting their ‘place in the sun’.

“There is a distinct rise in enquiries from British buyers and I expect it to continue.”

Torrevieja Apartment
BARGAIN: This amazing fifth floor three-bedroom apartment in the heart of Torrevieja is on sale for just over €189.000 with Invest For Home

Nicola Kemp, who runs Barcelo Real Estate, in Ciudad Quesada, has also seen an improvement.

“Compared to this time last year we are seeing a lot more confidence in buyers from the United Kingdom.

“A healthier exchange rate and the confirmed date for Brexit is helping to reassure people that the end to the waiting is in sight, and they are beginning to resume their house-hunting here.

“We predict that over the coming months we will continue to see an increase in enquiries from British buyers, and the market will continue to grow and flourish!”

Lindsey English, co-owner of Olivia Real Estate, in Los Montesinos, has seen a healthy 9% growth in completions since the Brexit date was confirmed, and roughly 15% more enquiries.

She, like other agents we spoke to, are especially pleased with the high number of quality new-build properties on the market, often competing in price with similar-sized previously-owned homes.

And with a healthy market of buyers from Scandinavia and Russia as well as the UK, thousands are expected to go for the clean lines, improved quality and guarantees that a new-build provides.

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  1. I remember Project Fear’s orchestra of Cameron, Osborne, the Treasury, Carney & most pathetic leading economists saying ‘there will be an immediate and profound downturn in the UK economy’ following the Leave vote, let alone when Brexit took place! That’s probably why UK unemployment fell to its lowest level of 3.8% for 44 years compare that to Spain’s & the Eurozone’s.
    Plus other good indicators even before and since Brexit with the ‘Boris Bounce’, no City Brexodus, service sector rebounding, property market growing at fastest since 2018, inbound tourism and stock market boomed, more UK firms hiring now the uncertainty has been removed, more positivity around generally etc
    Yet feeble remnants of Project Fear and its whiners still try to seek any morsels of negative news for the UK when positive news has to be good for not only the UK but the Eurozone. If Sterling rises then more British buyers might buy and holiday abroad!

    Location : Alhaurin

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