FOUR men have been arrested on the Costa del Sol for their involvement in a human trafficking ring.

A joint operation to dismantle the international criminal network has resulted in the release of 13 exploited women in Malaga.

The women were released after the inspection of suspected hostels.

Meanwhile, 16 arrests were made for the crimes of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organisation.

2020 02 10_op_jaca Sklava_01
RAID: 16 arrested in joint operation

It is believed that the women were captured in Romania through the ‘lover boy’ technique.

This technique was used to manipulate the woman with emotional blackmail and coercion until they were convinced into believing they couldn’t live without their captors.

The women were then transferred to different EU destinations such as Spain, Italy, UK and France for prostitution purposes.

Spain’s Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil agents were part of the Joint Investigation Team formed by Spain, Italy and Romania. 

2020 02 10_op_jaca Sklava_02
ARREST: Homes and hostels were searched

EUROJUST coordinated the efforts with the support of EUROPOL due to the magnitude of the organisation reaching several European countries.

Romania saw the first arrests and raids, with 12 arrested.

Homes in Malaga were targeted a few days later where four men, (two Romanians and two Spaniards) were arrested.The network is thought to have profited more than five million euros from the horrific crimes.

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